LG 4K ULTRA HD 8-Screen Multi Display
LG’s latest technology meets art


Develop concept and story that adequately convey LG’s technology and philosophy

LG has opened the 4K era and the brand needed a new concept to distinguish itself from the competition. So we connected eight 4K Ultra HD displays into one to show something that includes vivid picture quality while conveying LG’s technology and philosophy.


Frame Out

Infuse color into the media that express new technology

Rendezvous of new technology and art was devised as a way of delivering both LG’s philosophy and its technological advancement. Media artist Sandy Kim’s marbling works were displayed on 4K Ultra HD monitors to demonstrate 4K’s vivid picture quality along with the artistic quality of stereoscopic images. Also, the huge 3D film on eight large 4K TV screens opened a new era in 4K stereoscopy.

4K ULTRA Eight Sides Video (2014)
Ultra High Definition Video
Jung Kyu Young
Jung Kwang Keun, Lee Seung Yun