Planning Division

Strategy and concept of the brand experience provided by various media are developed based on customer’s needs and Aniframe’s expertise.

Production Division

Professional directors with extensive field experience create media content catering to the changing environment.

Solution Division

Various solutions optimized to the communication environment are provided—from system design to system setup that utilize the latest of the continuously evolving media technology.


Key People

CEO Lim Yu Deuk

CEO, G&J Inc.
Senior Director, Daou Technology Inc.

Director Kang Seong Nam

Assistant professor of Visual Communication Design, Myongji College
2011 Korea’s best designer, selected by Visual Information Design Association of Korea
Director, ceremony film for Korea’s 17th presidential inaugural ceremony

See Project List
2008Grand Prize in Digital Film, Korea Digital Media Award Digital - Su-hyup Bank
2008Joint winner of Grand Prix, Film & Video division, New York Film Festivals
2008PR film of Korea Tourism Organization’s Sparkling Korea campaign
2007Excellence Award in Digital Film, Korea Digital Media Award
2006Competition of commercials, Holland Animation Film Festival – Short film “At That Place”
2006Panorama International Finalist, Anima Mundi 2006(Brazil)- Youngjo Queendom
2003Finalist, Anima Mundi (Brazil) – Korean Air WorldCup Series ad
2002Finance sector finalist, The New York Festivals International Advertising Awards – CHB Bank, Tiger Eoheung Campaign
2002Finalist, UK BAF Commercial, CHB Bank, Tiger Eoheung Campaign
1998Best film, UK SHOT Film, Détente animation ad series
1997Grand Prize, Korea Advertising Awards – Taegeukgi Love Public Campaign
Director Lee Jeong Hun

Former Art Director, Aico Inc.
Former Supervisor, Team Studio Inc.

See Project List
2009~2014LG attraction film production and operation at CES, IFA, and MWC
2008Seoul Design Olympic World Design Market Seoul – Seoul Metropolitan City
2007Exhibition film for Gwangju Biennale
2007UNESCO World Heritage exhibition film for Jeju - Natural Heritage Center
2007The 3rd Public Design display visual – Korea Institute of Design Promotion
2006Design Korea 2006 Shanghai display film
2006Trademark & Design Korea 2006 display film
2001Feature animation Aachi and Ssipack
2001Digital restoration “The Secret Royal Inspector” – Korea Creative Content Agency
2000TV Series Iron Dick – Korea Creative Content Agency
1998Industry-academic cooperation for design specialization – Min. of Culture and Tourism
Director Jung Kwang Keun

Former Adjunct Professor, Myongji College

See Project List
2015Hyundai Motors FCEV global PR film for Geneva Motor Show
2014BC Card UnionPay bus station promotion AR
2014IFA LG Curved OLED 4K multi display video
2014LG multi display video presentation for MWC
2014LG UltraHD 4K multi display video for CES
2013LG Curved OLED multi display video for IFA
2013LG OLED and Smart Gate multi display videos for CES
2013LG multi display multi-touch media table for MWC
2013CG for TV ads Pokopang(mobile game), SC Johnson Scrubbing Bubble, and Dicamax
2013Main film for Asian Leadership Conference
2012Virtual job experience app I will become series for iPad
2012BC Green Card’s seal character design
2012Samsung Display Digital Cluster demo film
2012TV ads for Lesmore, Homerun Ball, Cenovis
2012Hello Madagascar special exhibition content
2011Kumho Tire’s Tire Pro character design
2011TV ads for IBK, UNICEF BC Card, Kolon Benit
2010KT Show Room media table
2010Main film for the National Folk Museum’s Korean War Special Exhibition Be Strong Geum Soon
2010Main film for the National Folk Museum’s Eurasian Exhibition
2010TV ad for KT olleh series, Jalpulineunjip, Jecheon Korean Medicine Bio Fair, K-water
2010Exhibition film in collaboration with artist An Jong Yeon
2009Finalist at SICAF commissioned works section – Woongjin ThinkBig
2009TV ad for E-1 Card, Fuji Finepix, Saemangeum, Vietnam Splendora
2008TVC Woongjin ThinkBig, Basic House, Spa Castle, Nene Chicken, Daejeon National Cemetery Chundoongi
2007Development team leader of 2D ART BRUSH, a SME technology innovation project
2007Finalist at SICAF commissioned works section - PANTECH
2007TV ad for KT Show X Show
2007TV ads for Cheetos series, Screw Bar, EXR, 국립유치원교육, Orion Toonies
2006SBS Station ID clip
2006PR film for F-Killer, KESCO, Hong Kong TRIX, KBS Look Back with a Smiling Face, Kia Carnival
2005Main film for musical Winter Sonata


Aniframe’s footsteps manifest ceaseless evolution and advancement. We adopted digital 3D inkwash painting technique the first time in marketing communication and the firm was also the first in Korea to realize full digital circle vision movie. The 3D videowall and the world’s first Ultra HD Videowall presented at a global convention were only a beginning. Aniframe’s story of innovation continues.