Kia Motors Multi Projection Mapping
Kia Motors and the Busan International Film Festival come together to let people become movie characters


Find a platform that caters to BIFF spectators’ attributes and expectations

A platform needed to be developed to present the Kia brand to the visitors in a friendly way. Since the venue was a film festival, we decided to offer an integrated solution that enabled participants to make their own movies along with experience-type content for driving. The project faced spatial restrictions and had to cater to a diverse range of people.


Frame Out

Design an experience that allows people to become a movies star just by walking on a treadmill

For Kia Motors’ promotion, we synchronized a treadmill with 3-display projection mapping and set up a system that shoots and edits automatically. The 3-screen images move in synchronization with the treadmill speed so the projected images allow users to become movie characters in an immersive environment. The completed movies were automatically uploaded on YouTube for publicity.

BIFF KIA promotion (2013)
Multi Projection + Automatic Movie Making
Kim Jong Han, Lee Hyoung Bin, Kim Jong Hun