LG Media Table
Captivate the spectators with multi-touch interactive


Find a new and special way to promote a new product

A totally new promotion method was in need to maximize the PR effect of LG Optimus G at its first public announcement at MWC. The main challenge was to provide easy and interactive experience of the new product’s features to many people at once.


Frame Out

Make the new product stand out with media table

As a way of promoting LG’s new product, Aniframe decided to utilize the media table. The installation can be used by many people at once and the images remain clear even after enlargement. Since it can also be touched infinitely, the device was perfect for introducing Optimus G. The table was synchronized with an actual Optimus G to help spectators experience the product’s functions.

Media table (2013)
Multi Touch Interactive
Jung Kwang Keun, Lee Seung Yun, Yun Tae Hun, Lee Chang Ik