LG 4K OLED 5-display Video
A real panoramic view unfolds in five 4K OLED screens.


Use the HD OLED image to convey new concept and message.

New concept and message needed to be developed in the process of planning the production of video content that could accentuate the attributes of the 77-inch Curved 4K OLED TV. The team searched for subjects that could maximize the panorama seen from the curved display while showing off OLED’s rich and deep colors.


Frame Out

Show stunning scenery in high picture quality.

Titled OLED Wonders, the film was created with source footages shot in Singapore and Prague. Beautiful cityscapes with colors changing throughout the day were recorded using UHD time-lapse technology shot with three cameras that are formed and controlled as a league. The film is recognized as the most panorama-like content that accentuate the performance of LG 4K OLED TV’s high picture quality.

4K OLED Five Sides Video (2014)
Ultra High Definition Video
Jung Kyu Young, Lee Chang Ik, Yeom Hye Jin
Jung Kwang Keun, Lee Seung Yun, Lee Sa Heon