Jungle Shuffle Jungle Jump
Promote a movie by using an experience-type game.


Develop a experience-type content that promotes the movie Jungle Shuffle.

A game with the movie’s main characters was developed to promote Jungle Shuffle. Children, the movie’s main viewers, should be targeted and the experience-type motion sensing game should function to promote Jungle Shuffle.


Frame Out

We discovered a way to promote a movie with a fun experience-type game.

The main character of the game appears on screen and guides the players. Kinect that is installed on top of the display senses the player’s movements and controls the character inside the display. The simple game of standing in one place and jumping to avoid rolling stones is easy to play by anyone. Up to three people can play the game so that people can avoid long queuing at the crowded cinema.

Jungle Jump Promotion (2014)
Motion Recognition sensor
Seoul, Korea
Kim Jong Han, Lee Hyoung Bin, Kim Jong Hun