Hyundai Motors Hydrogen Society Model Multi-table
Showing the value and vision of the future hydrogen society.


Show what hydrogen society as well as the merits of hydrogen cars.

Hydrogen is still an unfamiliar energy source to the general public. The potentials of hydrogen cars and hydrogen as a core energy technology of the future had to be shown in a fun way within a limited space.


Frame Out

Develop a new multi model table that could help everyone—from kids to seniors—easily grasp a new concept.

Model + moving miniature car + sync video + AR. The complicated technology was introduced to the public in a simple and easy way with content ideas that showed how hydrogen, the future energy, is produced and consumed.

Hydrogen Society Multitable (2015)
Promotion Movie
Shanghai, China
Kim Dong Hyun, Lee Sung Sik
Lee Chang Ik
Jung Kwang Keun, Lee Sah Heon