Tobot Motion Sensing Game & Driving Experience
Create a digital experience that is impressive and unforgettable to children.


Create a space where children can experience Tobot characters and interact with them.

As part of Everland Theme Park’s digital character experience attraction Charactorium project, we developed content and system providing various experiences through the characters of Tobot, the transforming automobile. The content had to effectively convey Togot’s concept and offer experience-style games the children could easily enjoy.


Frame Out

An experience-type game offered children a chance to become Tobot’s hero.

One zone inside the attraction consisted of an 84-inch screen with motion sensors. When children standing in front of the screen start to move, the Tobot characters in the screen mimicked their motions. Another zone is a driving experience where the players have to complete a mission of driving safely and avoiding the villains to arrive at the destination in time. The motion sensing game is played by staying in one place and touching as many Tobot characters with one’s hands and feet. The driving game is played by riding a model car and using the steering wheel to drive around the Tobot Village.

Everland Charactorium Tobot Digital Experience (2015)
Motion Recognition sensor, Interactive Driving Game
Young Toys
Lee Hyung Bin, Kim Jong Hun
Jung Kyu young, Yeom Hye Jin
Jung Kwang Keun, Lee Seung Yun, Lee Sah Heon