Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics Slogan PR Video
Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics D-1000 Ceremony


Announce PyeongChang Olympics’ New Slogan

At a ceremony marking the 1,000 days to go until the PyeongChang Olympic Games, the Organizing Committee needed to present a film that could effectively unveil the Games’ new slogan. Various keywords and images were used in the film that shows how the slogan “Passion. Connected.” connects the people’s passion with the Olympic spirit.


Frame Out

To maintain the identity of the slogan, the film uses 3D mapping technique to dynamically show the keywords (PyeongChang, People, Possibility, Power, Peace, Passion) forming a message of passion and hope.

2018 PyeongChang Winter Game Slogan Promotion video (2015)
Promotion Movie
PyeonChang Olympic G-1000
PyeongChang Olympic Organizing Committee
Lee Changi Ik, Kang Sung Nam, Jung Kyu Young, Yeom Hye Jin
Jung Kwang Keun, Lee Seung Yun, Lee Sah Heon